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3+ Month Anniversary Sale

Root a posted Nov 11, 15

50% off everything in store till November 21st.

5X Exp Rate

2X Drop Rate


Need your votes!

Root a posted Oct 24, 15

In order to increase enjoyment in MasterCraftsEO server gameplay, I've decided to make a pole about stats, please take a minute and choose the option that suits you the best.

Also I am waiting for sugguestions/ideas on how to improve server, these can vary from adding new quests to making custom code for something new.

Vote link: CLICK ME

Sulaiti WE Cant Intall the Game Because MediaFire Been CLOSED , And i am Big Fun Of AoE Server Please Help AS ...


Root a posted Oct 3, 15

Hey everyone, there is a chance that we will be moving to EOServ soon, making unique features to be possible, as we do that there will be polls often in order to start with the best performance, please take a minute and answer them if you see any.

Here is what we currently have:

Pet Poll

Devil Gates Poll

MasterCraftsEO back up!

Root a posted Sep 27, 15

Finally! After such a long time, we are back up! To join MastercraftsEO please use our new IP:

Also, please report all the bugs you find, to prevent rollbacks or wipes in future.

You may also get client from these links:



Heres a list of changes in case you wonder:

Updated to EOSource 6.9
Started with fresh database
Removed Fishing/Mining
Removed Warps to: Beach, Club, Mining2, Mining, Piggies
Removed Prices From All Warps
You will need at least level 10 to start using #warp name command
Added #warp begin warp
Added Warp To Partner skill at #warp church
Added Merchant Shop and #warp merchant, you will be able to sell most monster drops there
Readjusted all shops
Reduced stat points per level gain
Reduced experiance from monsters(Drops stays the same)
Only boss NPC will drop gold.(Dragon Boss, Gnoll, Pirate Boss, Apozen etc..)
Devil Gates monsters will have a chance to drop gold.(Gold amount varies on wave)
Skillmaster prices reduced
Monsters should have 30% less stats(Might need readjustment)
All 3 levels of memberships will have their own unique class
Casino bets decreased to 10k, gamble chance increased from 20% to 25%.
All quest gold/exp rewards have been readjusted(Decreased)
Warps will no longer require any gold
Added 3 new quests to the new starting map for begginers to learn the game
Pets will start healing on reborn 5
Reborn level increased to 250(Includes Pets)
Moved to MySQL database instead of SQlite
Old Start Map Brought Back
Title change will now cost 100g

Root a Nah, I could of convert the database back, I didn't see the point tho, I changed gold system, exp,drops, stats per ...
Anonymous lol, so you have been really too dumb to convert the database? And now you start all over? Again gaining cash from Kids?...


Stay tuned :)

Neos how do u get back there i forgot to do things there before i warped away
Marijuana fuck starting again i spent to much time getting my shit and had items you cant get ingame like ones i gave pixels for o...
Root a ill take a look when I finish up with the server, atm I just want to finish everything asap